Metaphysical India

    Many photographers have produced fascinating insights into India and have framed some incredible nuances of the second-most populous country in the world. The soul of the cities has been largely depicted in the form of ethnographic research, street photography and iconic portraiture. India is a vast land, full of character, rich in contrasts and sensorial stimulations. For its incredible diversity, it is easier to access an extensive documentation of the so-called idea of the 'chaotic East' more than any other face of the country.

    My experience of India comprises indeed of the electric and complicated nature of metropolises like Mumbay, but - at the same time- offered glimpses of a paradoxical stillness even in the busiest street. A modern eden where time reverts and the compassion resurfaces.

    Reinforcing a different kind of stereotype, the following images set up a tantalising metaphysical world, made of found objects, street-life vignettes and surreal architecture.